Weekend Inspiration / 9.20.13

The theme song for today's weekend inspirations is...drumroll please... 50 Cent, In Da Club. "Go shorty! It's ya birthday! We gonna party like it's ya birthday!" Why? Well, because it's my birthday. Yeah. 32. As I get older I fight this feeling of not wanting to get too excited about my birthday, because let's face it, tick tock goes the clock. But on the other hand...presents! cake! Queen for a day! Deep down I still get excited. I'll be celebrating with Starbucks in bed, my morning yoga class, a shopping trip with the hubs (he doesn't bother trying to surprise me any more, which has it's pluses and minuses) and probably some cake and wine with friends later! Hope you all have a great weekend, and please feel free to celebrate with me from your home-front ;)

Home: The most perfect living room I ever did see. Wood beams on the ceiling, white brick fireplace wall, antlers, white sofa, gray and black accents, Hermes blanket...Adore.

I am so obsessed with this idea for a vintage office door! Attach it to a sliding track and use it in place of regular doors! My husband and I recently ran across an antique door just like this, with a person's name and "Surgeon" paint underneath. He said "Imagine if we brought it home and then we walked through it were transported back to those times." Gotta love his imagination!

You GUYS. Diy ginormous Jenga. This is so easy to make! I don't think I would ever want to play another game at a party for the rest of my life.

Style: Still loving plaid and leopard together (here is my post from last year). But most importantly: those shoes! I've never seen a silhouette quite like them.

This gorgeous girl wins at the hair and makeup game. I will never achieve that perfect bedhead look, I have far too much hair that literally goes straight to a giant ball of frizz if I attempt anything other than straightening. Sad face. But that sexy, smudgy, extreme cat eye miiiiiight be doable. If only for around the comfort of my own home.

Emerald nails with gold glitter tips. Get on it.

Misc: Have you all listened to Britney's "Work B**ch" a million times yet? Okay good.

On the TV front, I was a little disappointed by the premieres of New Girl and The Mindy Project. I was waiting all summer for my BFFs to return, and I think my anticipation was just way too high. They were kind of boring in my opinion. I'm sure things will start picking up again soon. What did you think?

Have a great weekend friends!

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