Fall Style Inspiration: The Rachel Roy Fall 10

This is one of those cases of "why reinvent the wheel?". Rachel Roy has been a long time favorite designer of mine, and her affordable Rachel Rachel Roy line is always a genuine source of wardrobe inspiration. This fall, she has created a set of 10 essential pieces for effortless style called-wait for it- "The Fall 10". It's so good I just had to post about it. I could even be lazy about things and say this is your September Closet, because all of these items are perfect for mixing and matching. Have you noticed I've been lagging on the Closet this month? This is the first time all year I haven't posted it in the first week. Honestly, inspiration just wasn't hitting me, so while I work on getting my act together with that, let's let these ten items be our guide. (forgive me- pretty please with a cherry on top?)

Great for layering and with a bit of modern embellishment.

I've spoken on this before-it's all about the waxed denim this season!

One of my all-time favortie pieces for fall is the sweater coat. Cozy, warm, and chic!

With luxe details like gold buttons and zippers, this modern take on a peacoat is spot-on.

I love a good printed dress in the fall, layered with tights or leggings and boots or booties! Take your pick!

A more casual, "downtown" alternative to the peacoat-because you can never have too many good jackets!

Here's where I waver a bit- probably because I do not have a lifestyle fit for a printed suit. I would make it work by separating the pieces and pairing them with something more casual. Such as the blazer with a pair of boyfriends.

This sexy shoe would be my go-to date night pair!

I am drawn more and more lately to jewelry that actually has a meaning to the person wearing it. An amulet "provides protection and good fortune to the person wearing it", so pick out a few that strike a cord with you and stack them up!

These go hand in hand with my mini bag obsession-both are hands free and give you that sense of freedom from carrying around everything plus your kitchen sink. Liberating!

And a few of my favorite outfits from her new arrivals:

So. Good. Get in my closet, kthanks.

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