The August Closet: 16 Outfits From 14 Pieces

I thought I would do something different this month, and go ahead and lay out all the outfits from the August Closet in one spot. I usually post a few outfits each Monday of the month, but why drag it out-let's just give the people what they want! These outfits all have transitional weather in mind-as many areas are beginning to cool down (if at least only in the mornings and evenings) and many thoughts are starting to turn to building a fall wardrobe. In transitional periods such as these, when purchasing new items to add to your wardrobe think lots of layering and pick colors that are either neutral or not overly summer (ex: coral) or fall (ex: burgundy). Using the 14 items I chose for the August Closet, I have created 16 outfit options from casual to dressy. Which is your favorite look?

Items used in these outfits:

For the full details of each piece, please see the August Closet revealed post!

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