Introducing: The August Closet!

Happy Monday! It's the first in the new month, so it is time to reveal the pieces for our monthly closet! Since January of this year, I have been picking out a new "closet" every month consisting of 14 pieces. Then, every Monday I create different outfits using only those pieces. No added jewelry, shoes, outerwear-nothing! Just the 14 items from the original closet. The reason I started this project is because I wanted to work with a more realistic set of guidelines on creating outfits here on the blog. Sure, it's fun to post all the latest and greatest that is out there, but realistically we aren't all out there shopping every week! Working within 14 pieces is much more comparable to what we have in our own closets.

This month, I am riding a very fine line of hanging on to summer, as well as preparing ourselves for the cooler temps that are already starting to creep back in. Where I live, it still gets pretty hot during the afternoon, but mornings and evenings have been blissfully cool! Lots of layers are in order! For my color palette, I wanted to keep it cool and fresh, without being overly swayed into any particular seasonal color scheme. Sticking with basics and neutrals is a great idea during transitional periods.

This is a fun twist on a classic button-up. It's lightweight enough to work in the summer, but will transition nicely to fall.

This bold floral print in blues and greens is perfect for now or later!

This lightweight jacket is perfect for summer layering.

The bright citron perks up anything you pair it with.

A casual with a twist sweatshirt is a great throw-on-and-go piece.

Just as versatile as a pair of jeans!

This is a definite prep for fall purchase- loving these new jeans from Gap! I like the idea of leaving the zipper open on warmer days to help cool off your ankles!

I've had this exact pair since winter, and still pull them out constantly. They are on super sale right now too!

A sleek black messenger will get heavy use both this season and next.

A fun bauble for dressing things up!

The sun is still shining bright, so don't forget the shades!

Love these comfy flats in fresh white with black trim!

Sandals are always the saddest thing to see go in the winter! I'm enjoying them while I still can!

On my wish list is a pair of green heels, and these are a great pair for summer and fall!

What do you think of the items in the August closet? I'm excited to come back Monday with some outfits created, so be sure to check back then!

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