August Inspirations

August 1st! How are we feeling on this first lovely day of the month? August is looking to be pretty fun and interesting for us. Tomorrow is my 11 year wedding anniversary, and we have a romantic little getaway planned, that is much needed! School starts in under three weeks for the girls, which means a whole new schedule to get used to. Kara will be in Kindergarten this year, so it will be the first time I will have a bit of time to myself every day during the week. Later in the month are some other events we have to look forward to, and we have one major thing up in the air at the moment that is taking up a lot of mental space. Needless to say, it is a month full of transitions and fun!  I thought I would share a few inspirations for the month-I would love to hear some of yours as well!

First up, I am starting to get excited about pre-fall fashion! I'm not actually ready for it yet-I'm still definitely enjoying the ease of summer wear, but am looking forward to some fun new fall closet additions! Currently on my eye: this Rebecca Minkoff bag (which I would need to snag soon because it is on sale! Should I?!), a knee length, simple lined, jacket (to wear with boyfriend jeans and heels, just like the lovely lady above), and a pair of green heels

On my beauty radar this month I have a few simple things on my mind. One is maintaining my summer "glow" (I don't say tan because I don't seem to get one anymore-but I do get a hint of color that I am pleased with. Fellow pale skin gals- ya feel me?) with a bronzing shimmer oil, like this Nars version. I have a similar one I bought on Lulus and have been absolutely loving the subtle glow it gives to my skin, not to mention it is moisturizing and smells amazing! I always smooth some on for date night! Next up is short, squared nails in either white or black, paired with sleek gold rings. Love!!

On the home front, I seem to want to black and white all the things! I love the crisp, clean feeling it gives, and it makes such a statement. I would even love a black exterior!! Maybe one day I will have that little urban cottage I have always wanted, and when I do-it's going black! I've been majorly inspired to pair down all my belongings, and have been purging like crazy. It's like spring cleaning all over again!

And a few randoms... I've been on the lookout for a new iphone case, and this Kate Spade Saturday in "mini quilt" is a front runner. 

And a quote that I keep trying to remind myself of: "Worrying is a misuse of your imagination." I'm a worrier by nature, and sometimes it is really hard for me to turn those type of thoughts off in my brain. I'm doing my best to go with the flow, see where certain things take us, instead of trying to micromanage everything like I usually do. It's no easy task, but it is my goal this month!

Let's talk August/pre-fall in the comments below. What do you have going on, what are you looking forward to and what is inspiring YOU?!

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