Nordstrom Sale Picks: Jackets & Boots!

I contemplated whether or not to post about the Nordstrom anniversary sale, because I know both you and I are not ready to start having fall/winter clothing thrown at us. But then, after perusing the sale a bit online, I realized that this really is a perfect opportunity to pick up one or two quality items for the upcoming colder weather. For me, the best pieces to make investments in are jackets and boots. You will wear them to death all winter, so it makes sense to buy quality over quantity in this case. 

Below I have rounded up my favorite picks in both categories. I still stayed on the relatively affordable side as far as this sale goes, as there were plenty of $500+ products out there. Is you see something you like, snatch it up, because they say "quantities are limited"! 

Great for everyday casual wear. This is something I would throw on in the morning while taking my kids to school.

I'm still loving this look, which debuted last year I believe. The tiny leopard print on this is chic without being overpowering.

Great as a night out jacket, I love the quilted faux leather sleeves!

Great detailing on this structured coat. Perfect for office wear.

Another fun casual jacket for everyday wear!

Every gal should have a classic riding boot in her closet! 

I'm seeing this trend popping up, and I think it is safe to say it will be big this year!

A simple silhouette in the perfect color.

 A cute little night out bootie. Love the sexy dip in the front!

Great to slip on for everyday and to add interest to a simple outfit.

What are your thoughts on buying a fall/winter item while still in the thick of summer? Will you be shopping the sale??

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