The Perfect Summer White Dress!

At the very tippy top of my very small summer shopping list (I essentially have no budget due to our recent car purchase) is a sweet boho-esque white dress. I'm thinking a loose style, with delicate little details like eyelet or a hint of lace, that will be easy to dress up or down. No tube top- a surprising amount are- and of course on a budget. Have you seen anything that fits the bill?

This first dress is the ultimate.  It is exactly what I want, but have not found a suitable match. The middle is gorgeous, but from the looks of it is a tube top, which just don't work on me. I love the sleeves and the drawstring waist on this last one.

Of course all the perfect options that I have found online are way over budget ($200+), but I have found a few budget options that might work.

This is cute, but F21 is usually a last resort for me as far as dresses go, they never seem to fit right.

2. Gap
This has potential, but doesn't have as much detailing as I hoped. Would definitely try it on in store before buying online, because it might look like a potato sack once on!

I really love this one, and while it isn't a tube-top, it is still off the shoulder and I might be too uncomfortable in it for everyday wear. How do you feel about these styles of dresses?

Great detailing on this one-but the price is on the higher end.

This one is fun, but the structure reminds me of this yellow dress I already own.

I just purchased this one-it was marked way down at Urban Outfitters- $29 from $109! We'll see how it works when it gets here!

I bought this one as well, as it was marked down $29 from $143! It looks more cream than white in this photo, but perhaps it will look different in person. Also, the back is amazing! You can click through to see all the pictures. I figure it's worth a shot!

So what do you think? Which is your favorite style? Have you found anything out there that may be exactly what I'm or anyone else on the same hunt is looking for? Do tell!

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