Summer Fun For Under $25!

Summer is such a great time to pick up quick, inexpensive little updates for your wardrobe. From cute sandals, beach totes, sunnies and dresses, you don't need to hurt your wallet to add some fun to your closet!

We've all heard of the itsy-bitsy yellow polka dot bikini, but this fuller-coverage black and white one is more my speed! Loving a retro high waisted bottom this year!

At under $6, how can you resist a quirky new pair to add to your collection?

With all the fun things you tote to the beach, why not show them off in a clear tote bag! Bonus-it's waterproof!

Jelly sandals are back again, and while most I think are pretty cheesy, I do love this triangle studded version.

I seriously cannot believe this dress is under $25! With the delicate detailing and sexy low V in the back, no one will ever know how little you spent!

These are so fun, and while they don't seem to be the most practical piece of jewelry, I would certainly throw one on for a fun night out!

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