Style, Deconstructed: The Perfect Summer Outfit!

I am getting all kinds of excited over summer outfits right now. I feel like I didn't get much of a chance to enjoy any spring-like attire, as we went straight from clouds and rain to sunny and in the 80's-90's. There were a few nice days of spring weather, but not enough to go through a "spring wardrobe" so to speak. But I know I have a loooong road of hot days ahead, so I'm allowing myself some new summer wardrobe purchases.  

I recently pinned two outfits that I keep going back to look at again and again, and all of a sudden it dawned on me...uh, these are like the exact same outfits. With the exact same accessories and even hairstyles. Yeah, I'm slow on the uptake sometimes, what can I say.  Now that I've got it all figured out, I'm pretty sure this formula is going to be my new summer wardrobe.  

I don't know guys, am I turning into a hipster with these looks here? A boho hipster maybe? I just love them! 
And of course, I have rounded up a few shoppable (did I just make up a word?) options for you to get the look as well.

1 / 23 / 4

1 / 2

1 / 2

1 / 2

What do you think? What are your go-to summer outfits going to look like?

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