Introducing: The June Closet!

Oh my, don't get me started on the fact that it is already June. Funny thing, since I stared doing these closets it really makes me realize how fast the months just fly by! June is all about enjoying the warm weather, getting out of town and going on fun day trips or vacations, hanging out with friends at backyard BBQ's...all the fun festivities that summer has to offer!  With that in mind, I have created this month's capsule wardrobe.  Full of fun, summery picks, these should get you through the month in sweet style!

Just like our favorite fall and winter staple, this sleeveless version of the chambray top will keep us cool all summer long!

Simple, yet surprisingly chic, a baseball tee is a must-have in your closet!

I have mentioned before that I am not a huge fan of big necklaces in the summertime, if only for the fact that I feel they add extra weight and heat around my neck. (Of course, we have 100 + degree days around here, so anything more than naked seems like too much-sorry I went there.) In other words, dainty necklaces are where it's at.

Throw a black and white geometric on a piece of clothing and I'm all about it.

Perfect for keeping those beating rays off of your lovely little head.  Plus, these just remind me of being on vacay even if you aren't.

Such a fun color!

With all those frozen bevvies you will be downing at summer parties, you need a fun ring to accent your drinking hand!

Boat house chic. Duh.

A great carry-all for toting all those extra summer essentials like sunscreen and water bottles.

A versatile piece and a warmer weather replacement for your white jeans!

Slipping on a maxi skirt is quick, easy and cool.

Spice up your outfit with a printed shoe.

These are so cute with the subtle embellished pattern.

If it doesn't get as scorchingly hot where you live, a lightweight scarf is a great summer accessory.

Check back next Monday for the first set of outfits from the June Closet!

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