For A Good Cause: Help Support Me Today for Alzheimer's Awareness!

My Grandma and me in Half Moon Bay circa 1987

Many of you who have followed me for some time now, know that I had a pretty rough time last year when my grandmother's health swiftly deteriorated and she passed away.  To be honest, I struggle with the grief of that time on a daily basis, and I am not sure how or when I will fully heal.  My Grandma was one of my best friends, and when I was younger I was like her little sidekick.  She took me wherever she went-and she was a very active and involved little lady! From Garden Clubs, to church events, to volunteering her time to various charities- I was right there with her. She was the kind of woman that lit up the room, made friends wherever she went and had a heart of gold. I looked up to her so, so much. I continued my strong bond with my Grandmother even after moving two hours away when I started junior high. It was late into high school when I discovered my Grandma was suffering from Alzheimer's. I can't begin to explain how hard it is to experience the gradual slipping away of your loved one's mind.  We kept her at home as long as we could, but eventually she needed around-the-clock care that we couldn't provide living so far away. I am forever grateful to the wonderful nurses and caregivers at the home where she lived out the remainder of her years. 

One of my last photos with Grandma, last year.

As part of my healing process, I knew I had to do something for the cause. That is exactly what my Grandma would have done. Today I am participating in "The Longest Day" a fundraiser put on by the Alzheimer's Association to help raise money for the advancement of Alzheimer's care, support and research. Did you know that more than 5 million Americans are now living with the disease, and that Alzheimer's is the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S.?? The sixth! You can educate yourself on the top ten warning signs right here.

I will be up greeting the sun at 5:30 this morning, and will be out being active all day until sunset to honor the strength, passion and endurance displayed by people with Alzheimer's and their caregivers every day.

I have set a personal goal to raise $1,600 (that is $100 for each hour of the event) and am currently about half way there! Fundraising continues through today, so please help me meet my goal by donating to this wonderful cause! You can do so online, by visiting my team page, "Betty's Babes". Your donation is tax deductible and I do not receive any personal information regarding your donation. I do thank you from the bottom of my heart in advance-and if I could would give you a great big hug!!

If you have someone you know who is suffering from Alzheimer's, please leave me a comment below. I will be having a sunset ceremony and would love to include them in my thoughts! 

If you follow me on instagram, I will be posting updates on my activities throughout the day- so pop in and show your support! 

Thank you so much everyone!


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