Favorite (Affordable!) Cooling Beauty Buys for Summer

When the dog days of summer hit, I rely on a few of my favorite cooling beauty products to help keep me refreshed throughout the day. Heavy make-up is a no-go, minimal is best, with the focus being on hydrating and toning your skin to keep it looking it's best. Below are my all-time favorite products for keeping cool and hydrated during the summer!

I love a gel moisturizer during the summer. It goes on smooth and cool, and feels so fresh and clean. I usually only put this on at night, as it does not have any SPF protection. The smell is divine, and I wake up in the morning with hydrated skin-it really does lock in the moisture all night. 

I've mentioned before that I have problems with dark undereye circles and puffiness. I can't say that I have found the miracle treatment yet, but I do love the cooling effect this has when you roll it on. I read somewhere that women used to put these in the refrigerator so that it would go on cool, and that Garnier decided to re-create the formula so that it would automatically go on cool without the need of refrigeration.  It really does feel like it is fresh from the fridge, even if it has only been sitting on your counter! As soon as I roll this under my eyes in the morning, it almost (almost) wakes me up as much as a cup of coffee! So refreshing, and I do notice a decrease in puffiness when I use this.

I ran across this when researching how to take care of your skin in your 30's. Apparently, using a toner is key! I never really knew the benefits, but wow-there are loads of them! I picked this particular toner from Murad because I have sensitive skin, and some of the toners out there have ingredients that don't jive with that. So far I am loving it! I use a round cotton pad to swipe it across my face in the morning after cleansing. (currently using Simple foaming facial cleanser). Again, this product instantly cools and refreshes, but the major benefits are increased firmness in my skin and a reduction in pore size. In addition, ingredients chamomile and cucumber help soothe irritation and soften the skin. So worth it!

Super by Dr. Perricone Detox Elixir

Well, looks like at the beginning of the year, the SUPER line by Dr. Perricone was discontinued. I have had this bottle for quite some time, as I only use a small amount during the summer months. I like the idea of a light spray that you can gently spritz over your face throughout the day when you are in need of a pick-me-up. This is something you can put in the fridge for extra oomph! Looks like you can still buy this in several places online. Suitable replacements would be Mario Bedescu Facial Spray, Evian Mineral Water Facial Spray, Boots No 7 Facial Spray, or Jurliqe Rosewater Mist. This type of spray is also great to throw in your gym bag for a post-workout refresh!

Vaseline Total Moisture Aloe Fresh Lotion

This lotion goes on light and cool, blending in quickly and easily. This really is something you can quickly throw on while running out the door, and by the time you get to your car, it will be all blended in! Somehow that is always me - realizing as I'm leaving that I didn't put lotion on. I seriously can't handle lotions that are extra thick or greasy and take forever to blend in. The scent is subtle and fresh-I find myself catching little whiffs of it during the day and it is so nice! At under $4, this is absolutely a great bargain!

What are your favorite beauty products to using during the warmer months? Anything you can't live without?

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