On Trend: Periwinkle Picks for Under $50!

Every so often a color comes around that really tickles my fancy, and right now that happens to be periwinkle. I blogged about the color many, many moons ago (what was I thinking on that dress?), then kind of forgot about it.  Recently it re-emerged on the scene (well, my scene anyway) although I can't remember exactly what it was that rekindled the spark.  What I do know is that I now am seeing it everywhere, kind of like when you want a new car and you see that car like fifty times while out driving. You know what I'm talking bout right? Anyway, I really really want this bag in periwinkle, but that isn't happening on my budget, so I did what I do best and rounded up some fun finds for under $50!

I love this style of beach cover-up.  How pretty would this look against sand and surf!?

Such a cute, go-with-anything shape.

A line of this would give your eyes a playful pop!

Isn't the back on this great?

These would look great with a white tank and some simple sandals.

You can't go wrong with a good baseball tee!

Pair with white pants for contrast.

Ok, so this is a wee bit over $50, but it is so darn cute and I am sure will be on sale eventually.

What color are you crushing on lately?

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