My Easy, Under 10 Minute, Everyday Makeup Routine

I don't have a ton of time to get ready in the morning. I prefer to sleep in as long as humanly possible, so I have figured out the amount of time it takes to get my daughters and myself ready and out the door- and don't get up a minute sooner!

I'm at the age now, however, where I no longer feel comfortable leaving the house without "my face" on, as they say.  That sounds creepy though, so let's not say that again. I won't leave without some makeup on. My whole process takes under ten minutes, really all it is is a few swipes and strokes and I am good to go!

Here is what my easy, ten minute everyday makeup routine consists of:

Step One: Foundation
After applying an SPF 20 facial moisturizer, I currently use Flower Beauty tinted moisturizer as my base. It blends in nice and easy right after I apply my spf moisturizer, as I have pretty dry skin. I've also used the Garnier BB Cream, Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation( I prefer this in the winter-it is a bit heavy) and Maybelline FIT Foundation for this step in the past. I mix it up between all of these every once in awhile.

Step Two: Concealer
I have dark under eye circles that make me look tired no matter how much sleep I get. I currently use Almay  Wake Up Underye Concealer, although I am looking for some good replacement suggestions. I apply it over foundation to help maintain better coverage, and I apply from the inner corner of my eye, all the way and a little past the outer corner, creating a half moon shape. Applying it to a broader area than just the dark under eye section helps to brighten up the entire eye area, and take the focus away from the problem spot. I also dot some on any pimples I have. Oh the joys of acne in your 30's.

Step Three: Powder
To set the foundation and concealer, and to soften my overall look, I lightly apply a pressed powder.  I have been using Rimmel London Stay Matte for awhile now, and really love the soft, airbrushed effect it gives.

Step Four: Brows
My brows have been majoring thinning out lately, (another joy of my 30's) so I am filling them in daily with a pencil.  I have my esthetician shape them for me, and then follow her guide on how to fill them in in between visits.  I am currently using this Jane Iredale taupe brow pencil.

Step Four: Eyeshadow
My Naked 2 by Urban Decay eyeshadow palette is pretty much all I reach for! For a daytime look, I swipe "Foxy" onto my brow bone, then "Bootycall" on my lids.  It pretty much just brightens my eyes up a bit, helping me look more awake and refreshed.  If I have extra time, I will add a darker color like "YDK" or "Suspect" to contour the outer corners.

Step Five: Mascara
If I had to choose one item out of my entire routine that is an absolute must before leaving the house-it is mascara. If all else fails and you can't do much else, I say a dusting of powder, a swipe of mascara and a lip tint will at least get you looking more presentable! My current fave is Flower Beauty Extreme Measures Lengthening Mascara. I love the wand applicator, it really grabs all of your lashes and distributes the product evenly. My lashes look long and full after just one swipe.

Step Six: Bronzer
I am super pale, so I like to add a bit of bronzer to contour and warm my face up a bit. I use Physicians Formula Cashmere Wear Bronzer and lightly apply it with a big blush brush, swiping across my forehead, down the center of my nose, my chin and on my cheekbones.

Step Seven: Blush
This is something I will skip if I am being lazy or short on time. I do like to use Cover Girl's Cheekers Blush in "Pretty Peach" for a nice flush.  To me, it goes on pink, so I feel like the name is a bit misleading. I generally stick to the apples of my cheeks-doing the whole smile and blush routine.

Step Eight: Lipstick
For an everyday look I tend to choose a lipstick or gloss that is similar to my original lipcolor, but with just a tad more oomph.  My faves are Rimmel London's Moisture Renew in "Rose Blush", Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in "Blushing Mauve" and Dr. Pepper Lipsmaker. Yep. It's the best, trust me.

Step Nine: GO!

Tell me, what is your daily makeup routine? How long do you spend on your makeup in the morning? What are your favorite products?

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