Introducing: The May Closet!

To recap, my monthly closet series will feature 14 items, remixed into over a weeks' worth of outfits.  My goal with this year long series is to help you build a versatile, stylish closet full of items that you love to wear.    Each item is carefully picked to be both affordable, and relevant no matter what your age or occupation. The series runs every Monday, so be sure to check in for new outfits every week!  

Can you believe it is already the merry ol' month of May!? Lots of fun things happen in May-Mother's Day, the end of the school year, graduations, more than likely a few birthday parties, baby and bridal showers and weddings. I really feel like May is that transition month into FUN! Summer is right around the corner my friends-get ready! 

With that in mind, I find myself remembering how much I love summer style. It's funny how much you forget about it during the long winter months-as if it will never come again. I always tend to gravitate toward a boho vibe for summer, and this year, I'm also feeling very classic, all-american inspired. I'm calling it "Boho Americana" for those of you who like labels.  I've been stocking up on a few pieces already, and they have made their way into this month's capsule wardrobe.  

I lived in a black maxi dress last summer, and I'm pretty sure the same will go this year. I look for a comfy knit, as well as a top that allows for a regular bra (spaghetti straps or strapless always end up getting passed up in my closet, so I have learned to bypass those unless for a special occasion.)  This gray maxi fits those requirements, plus I love the wrap detailing in the front.

This easy pullover will work with so much. Tab sleeves are a fave of mine because of their versatility.

3. Old Navy Scarf Print Blouse (In my real closet)
I bought this top over the weekend. It looks so great in person, and it totally reminds me of something from Jcrew. Scarf prints are big right now!

A light and airy pinhole sweater like this one is a perfect transition piece. I love the look of one even as a swimsuit cover up on those windy days on the beach.

Simple, thin gold bangles are the perfect classic accessory. 

These look like the ultimate pair of denim shorts. Just the right length and amount of distressing. Can't wait to find them and try them on in store!

7. Old Navy Bootcut White Denim Pants (In my real closet)
I'm going against my regular skinnies this time and going for a bootcut style.  I actually really love the look of a bootcut white pant.  They have such a relaxed, California vibe to me.

Lace is a boho must, and mixed with the classic style of this sweatshirt, I'd call this "Boho Americana" at it's finest.  In warmer months I would definitely go for a lace tank top instead.

Great summery print with tassels.

A simple, classic, throw everything in it tote is essential for summer!

Versatility is key for an everyday sandal, and these can be dressed either up or down.

A little simple sparkle to elevate the everyday.

Coming in every color under the sun, you can't get through summer without a pair of these to slip on.

14. Old Navy Canvas Field Jacket (In my real closet)
An essential lightweight jacket that will add pop to your basics.

How is your spring/summer wardrobe shaping up this year?  Do you have a specific look you like to go for?
Be sure to check in next Monday, when I start rolling out the first outfits from the closet!

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