Sweet Obsessions: The Marc Jacobs "Dinky" Watch

I first saw these adorable mini Marc Jacobs Dinky watches at Nordstrom when I was in LA, and I think I let out an audible "Squeee!".  Because really, there is nothing cuter than mini things- think kittens, tiny desserts, a small little cup of espresso...you name it.  If it's mini, it's awesome.

I think one of these would make the perfect Mother's Day gift.  They come in loads of different color options, and are priced to be a great little investment piece, ranging from $150-$200 each.  You would more than likely be able to find a sale at one of the retailers that stocks them-so far I have seen them online at Nordstrom, Blommingdales, Shopbop, Neiman Marcus, Macy's and Saks.

I've rounded them all up in one place for you below to make it easy to shop!

Which one is your favorite? I'm drawn to the rose gold with the pink or blue face!

*images in collage from Nordstrom

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