Lucky FABB West Recap in Instas

I had such an amazing time at the Lucky FABB conference last week, and wanted to share with you some of the instagrams I posted while there.  I will work on a more detailed review of the entire experience this week, as I have a lot of information that I need the time to really sit down and process!

Top Row: Day One, Keynote Speakers

I had such a great time with my roommate Emily of Sparkle Meets Pop, and Madeline of Style Me Thrifty.  These ladies are both sweet, smart and of course stylish, so it was great to share this experience with them.  Day one consisted of a variety of keynote speakers and panels, the highlights for me being hearing both Drew Barrymore and Kelly Osbourne speak.  Kelly spoke most about finding your personal style and not being afraid of taking risks.  Drew shared a very honest portrait of what it is like to be a working mother, and so much of what she said highly resonated with me.  I know it will with you ladies too, so I will definitely share more on that later.

Middle Row: Day Two, Panels and Brand Experiences

On day two you were able to pick which classes you would like to go to, and I chose a class on photography, and on understanding SEO.  Both were full of great tips and information.  During the breaks "brand experiences" were set up, which were so fun.  There was certainly no shortage of photo-ops that day!  At the end of the day there was a cocktail party to wrap up the conference and we were gifted with the swag bag to end all swag bags. I would have had to check that baby at the airport if I brought it all home with me, so I sent most of it with my roomie, who was driving back home. Crazy!  My husband happened to have a conference in the area as well, so that night we met up and went out to dinner in Santa Monica.  I was able to finally meet my Instagram BFF Alex because she lives in the area, and we basically shut down the restaurant laughing and chatting over dinner and drinks.

Bottom Row: Day Three, Exploring LA

After two action packed days at the conference I was excited to have a day to relax and explore LA with my husband.  We first headed out to find Joan's on Third, which was a must-see for me.  I posted about it once here, and was so excited to see it in person.  We sat down to a lovely breakfast on their patio- I ordered the eggs benedict of course!  After that we walked to the Grove because my only other order of business was to stop by the American Girl store to buy my girls their first dolls.  They were beyond excited when I brought them home!  Right across from the American Girl store is a Topshop, so I popped in there to check it out.  They have some great accessories, but the clothes are honestly all a bit overpriced and over-the-top trendy. I convinced Alex to accidentally-on-purpose run into me again that day and we bonded over nail polish names in the beauty section.  After that we headed to the airport for our flight back home!

So there you have the Cliff's Notes version of my trip. It's only a day later at home as I am sitting at my computer typing this, and yet it already seems like it was all just a dream!  Funny how getting back to reality can do that to you.   If you have any specific questions about the conference, or there is anything in particular you would really like to know about, please feel free to leave them in the comments or email me.  I will work on answering them in my more detailed post to come.

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