Day 1 Lucky FABB Recap- Speakers & Inspirations

On Monday I shared a quick recap of my LuckyFABB experience through my instagrams, and now today I would like to share with you what inspiration I took away from the conference. I debated over sharing the blogging tips I learned here, since I am not sure how many of you are bloggers yourselves?  I'd love if we could do a quick show of hands at the end in the comments section if you have a blog, and/or if you find the topic of blogging interesting.  I would absolutely love to share more with you in the future if that interest is there.  For now, I am sticking to what I think was inspiring and interesting outside of the actual topic of blogging. 

Okay, day one outfit deets.  I decided to go against my urge of going out and buying some snazzy, over-the-top-notice-me outfit because I really wanted to just stay true to who I am.  Believe me, at times I looked around and thought, wow, what am I doing here?!  There are loads of  pretty, young and fearless fashionistas out there.  But you know what? I am fine with it.  I am a stay at home mom living in a small town, and I make fashion work for my everyday lifestyle.  It is what I present to you here on the blog because it is what I know and love, and I wasn't going to go there and be someone who I'm not just for the sake of the show.

Day One Outfit: 
Neon Pink Button-Up: Gap (similar)
Denim: c/o Old Navy
Shoes: Topshop
Clutch Pouf (for lack of a better term): Clare Vivier 
I had a really cool pendant necklace on, but the badges covered it up!  So there is a tip for you-don't wear a pendant necklace to a conference-no one will see it!

This is going to get long, so read more after the jump...

Day One: Keynote Speakers

A Conversation With Kelly Osbourne

I loved Kelly's interview because she was so candid and spunky throughout the entire sit-down.  I had amazing seats in the third row (early bird gets the worm), so I felt like I was really sitting in on a personal chat.  It was so fun to get to see all the little details of her outfit and to really see her expressions.  Yeah, I was a little star struck, that is for sure.

A few highlights on what Kelly spoke on...


Kelly talked a lot about self-confidence and acceptance.  She has been through a lot in her life, and she shared what she has learned (through hours of therapy she added!) with us, as style bloggers who are putting ourselves out there. Instead of looking in the mirror and nitpicking and getting down on yourself, just accept what you have and don't try to change it.  Start with the positive and build upon that instead of tearing yourself down with negativity.  She has used the old look at yourself in the mirror and say positive affirmations trick and she swears by it!  I think I definitely need to start doing a little "Jackie, you are good enough, smart enough and doggone it-people like you!" (Stuart Smalley? No?)  

Personal Style

Kelly was adamant that you should get dressed for yourself and no. one. else.  Don't dress to impress a guy, don't even dress to impress other women (we all know we do that!).  Fashion is all about finding what makes you feel amazing and just going for it!

Having a Viewpoint:

Kelly's other major point was that it is okay to have an opinion-and that it is not a negative thing!  She obviously has to voice her opinion on Fashion Police- that is what makes it interesting.  She puts her opinions in check by abiding by the rule that she would never say something about someone that she wouldn't feel comfortable saying to their face.  This doesn't necessarily edit her opinions, but there is definitely a tactful way of expressing yourself.  This is absolutely something bloggers can relate to!

Best Advice:

I think the best question that was asked of her is what she suggests for women who have limited budgets to spend on their wardrobe.  My ears certainly perked up for this one!  Her advice was to invest on shoes, bags and a nice blazer.  The rest you can fill in with budget buys, and "no one will ever know because they are stupid".  Ha!  Kelly herself served as an example, as her jacket was Karl Lagerfeld and her top and skirt were Zara.

A Conversation With Drew Barrymore

This was by far the moment I had been waiting for all day, the conversation with Drew Barrymore.  I mean, I've been a Drew fan since the ET days ya'll!  I'm so drawn to her free spirit and how she radiates this happy exuberance and speaks so romantically about everything! She has been a woman of many hats, most recently becoming a mother and launching Flower beauty, a full line of cosmetics sold only at Walmart stores.  I pretty much hung on every word, and even teared up a bit when she was talking about motherhood.  I didn't take a ton of notes, but these some quick quotes I jotted down...

  • On Blogging: "You guys have an extraordinary amount of power right now!"
  • "Happiness is a choice...and I swear to God happiness is the best makeup."
  • "I care about what people think, but I care far more about how they feel."
  • "Maintain a sense of humor...people are too serious!"
  • "Out of lack comes innovation."
  • "Life is about play.  Life is too short not to be bold!"
  • "It's all about the inside, I know we are all here to talk about the outside, ironically, but it's all about the inside.  That is where the poison or the sunshine lays."  (So good right? I will always remember that last line!)
I was so excited to get a few samples of her Flower beauty line at the conference, since my local Walmart stores do not carry them yet.  So far I am loving the BB Cream and the mascara!  I also have a few shadows and eyeliners I still need to try-I'll give those a whirl on my next date night.

And now, a few more snippets from the day...

Scenes from lunch-they fed us well!  The sweet girls I met at lunch were Mindy of Pretty Gossip, Monica of Fashion Koketi (she kind of looks like me in this pic!), and of course my roomie Emily of Sparkle Meets Pop and Madeline of Style Me Thrifty

Snippets from some of the panels.  The middle picture and bottom right are from Betsy Johnson's talk and the screening of her new reality show that is launching soon on the Style Network.  She has so much energy for a 70 year old-I hope I am that lucky!

That night, exhausted from an action packed day, my roomie and I walked down the street from our hotel and had a lovely dinner at Sirena.

That wraps up my day one coverage-what do you think? If you have any particular questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments.  I'll be back with day two soon!

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