7 Pretty Picks for Spring

Sometimes it's fun to do a little round-up of items I have on my current wish list.  Never mind that this is strategically scheduled with plenty of time to place an order for Mother's Day delivery.  Wishing and hoping and planning and dreaming...

Since yesterday's post, I can't stop thinking of these little guys! 

I'm not a big swimsuit fan, but they are a necessary evil for summer vacations.  This one would be tolerable ;)

These come in six different colors, and can be personalized!

The perfect neutral sandal for summer.  The height of the heel makes it great for everyday running around, but will also look chic with a summer dress at night.

Loving this periwinkle hue!

These are understated but still have loads of personality- a great combo in my book.

A honeycomb shape gets me every time.  This bracelet is so unique, and would make a great statement all on it's own.

What have you been lusting over lately?

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