The March Closet: Outfits 1-3

To recap, my monthly closet series will feature 14 items, remixed into over a weeks' worth of outfits.  My goal with this year long series is to help you build a versatile, stylish closet full of items that you love to wear.    Each item is carefully picked to be both affordable, and relevant no matter what your age or occupation. The series runs every Monday, so be sure to check in for new outfits every week!  If you missed January, you can check out the entire monthly closet here.  For February, check out the entire month here.

I picked one of my favorite pieces from the March Closet to create our first looks around- the floral shirt!  Like I said before, florals are big this season, and I really love this choice because of the bolder print and colors.  There are so many different floral patterns out there, that you are sure to find one that fits into your wardrobe sensibilities.   "Liberty print" is a buzzword you hear for florals a lot right now, which is a smaller, tighter repeating print, with delicate and detailed flowers.  If your style is more on the feminine, tailored side those prints might be more for you! (This Liberty Print top is a great example).  You could easily replace any floral print top for the one I have chosen here. 

1. This look is perfect for a casual outing.  The shirt pops against the white pants, and the denim jacket is a great layer for cooler days.  Pair with the oxfords for a relaxed look, and a simple mint clutch ties it all together.

2. I created this for a work look, and is also an example of how to mix patterns this spring.  Most animal prints, like these pumps, can work as a neutral and are perfect to mix with other patterns such as this floral.  A fun pink pencil skirt brightens up the look, and a gold belt polishes it all up nicely.

3. A great way to get early use out of your sleeveless dresses is to throw a button-up top over them!  There are many ways you could style this: you could leave it open for a cardigan effect, button it and belt it, or tie the ends in a knot for a flirty look. The statement necklace adds interest and simple sandals add balance at the bottom!

Items used in outfits 1-3:
Floral Top/ Denim Jacket/ White Pants/ Oxfords/ Mint Clutch/ Gold Belt/ Pink Pencil Skirt/ Snake Print Pumps/ Maxi Dress/ Statement Necklace/ Sandals

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