Sunday Shopping: A Spring Break Dream

We are narrowing in on spring break time! If you are younger (than me that is) and are actually still in school and get to enjoy a real, true spring break- I envy you.  If you are older (like me) and have taken a week off of work to head someplace warm-I still envy you!  If you are a mom (like me), and spring break means entertaining your kids for a whole week-welcome to the party!  Seriously though, I am excited for spring break this year, which for us is the first week of April. I am going way out on a limb and heading to LA for the Lucky Fashion and Beauty Bloggers conference.  I say going out on a limb because I have never taken a plane by myself, or gone to a conference by myself.  Kind of shocking to some considering I am 31, but this is something way outside my comfort zone! I am trying to face my fears this year in order to overcome them, so I'll let you know how that all goes after I'm back on the other side.

Today I am dreaming of the perfect spring ensemble, definitely with a California girl vibe!  When I saw this dress I wanted it in the worst way, but alas, it's a bit over my budget.  (This is where the dreaming begins).  Then I stumbled upon one of the chicest Clare Vivier bags I have ever seen...only problem is she made it in collaboration with a UK shop, and they are not selling them in the states.  (More dreaming).  Any friends living near a Stories who would care to pick one up for me??

Basically, if you are a colorful geometric print, I will love you.

I am not usually drawn to this shade of purple, but for some reason I am smitten by this.

A dainty piece that will go well with everything! 

I love the simple look of this, even without engraving.

I checked out Bobbi Brown's new spring collection the other day and really loved this sweet shade. 

A very flattering shade on every skin tone. 

Just yes.

So tell me, what are your spring break plans??

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