Style, Deconstructed: Epitome of Spring!

For today's Style: Decontructed, I picked an outfit that to me, epitomizes spring.  The bold colors, the florals, the woven accessories- it's like it's own little picnic!  I would not have thought to pair the green and yellow together, but she has made it work.  It helps that the sweater is thrown oh-so-casually over her shoulders, as if it were a complete afterthought.  (Upon research, I have found out this is model Jessica Hart. I'm going to have to peep out more of her street style!). It's funny, because I used to despise when people paired long sleeve shirts with shorts. It was almost like socks with sandals to me.  I am really digging it this year though.  Maybe because I am craving something a little different from the norm?

Floral shorts (These went right on my wishlist)

What do you think of this look? Would you recreate it one sunny day?

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