How to Style A (Chic!) Sweatshirt

Of the few things you really need to know about me, one is that if I can get away with wearing the most cozy comfortable clothing next to pjs, I absolutely will.  That means big giant sweaters in winter, all sorts of scarves that basically feel like you are toting a blankie around, cotton maxi dresses so soft that they remind you of night gowns...you catch my drift.  Bottom line, hands down, no question about it, I love and appreciate comfort over everything else!  So imagine my delight when sweatshirts suddenly turned, well, chic!  Sure winter is on it's way out, but a light sweatshirt is perfect for those days that start off chilly and then warm up a little later in the afternoon.  I'm totally digging these sweatshirt looks seen on the ladies below.  Take note fellow comfort queens, because this one is for you!

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All kidding about comfort aside, I love the way a sweatshirt can bring the rest of a dressier outfit down to earth.  My absolute favorite look is when one is paired with distressed denim, heels and statement jewelry (shocker!).  Below are a few cute sweatshirts to get you headed in the right direction...but let's be honest, I'm sure we all have one or two just begging to come out of our "stay at home" clothes drawer!

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