50 Under $50 for Spring- Part III

I am having so much fun rounding up items for my 50 under $50 for Spring series.  Honestly, this is the way I always shop, as $50 seems to be the cap on my comfort zone (aka budget) as to what I want to spend on one item.  I do make the occasional splurge now and then, but I can't say that I don't feel a little guilt about it, thinking of all the other things I could have done with the money.  I may blog about style and shopping, but I am generally a very thrifty person, and I certainly don't buy everything I blog about here.   My recent splurge on a Jcrew purse I had been coveting totally backfired on me when my daughter spilled bean dip on it at lunch, leaving two glaring grease stains on one side.  I pretty much had a heart attack.  I drove 40 minutes to the nearest leather cleaner, and they said "no guarantees"  that they will be able to get the stain out.  Plus, it is costing me $55 to get it cleaned! Ugh.  I haven't heard back yet, so cross your fingers.  This is just one of the examples as to why splurging isn't always the best idea for me! It's Murphy's Law I tell ya.  Back to the matter at hand...budget buys! These just make me a happier person all the way around! Let's see what I have rounded up for you today...

I feel like you will either love or hate this, and I really can't explain my attraction to it.  Sometimes the heart just wants what the heart wants.

Great modern detailing with a fun color palette of purple and orange.

I had been on the lookout for a pair of cute slip-on sandals and these are my current fave.

I am crushing on photographic prints of flowers turned into graphic designs. This bikini top is so cute! (Although I really don't want to even go there about swimsuit season yet!)

A cute solid colored bottom to finish out the look.  

Easy and breezy just like spring!

These were just so unique-they made me do a double take.  You would never guess they were under $10!!

You can't go wrong with a polka dot scarf.  You just can't.  I bet you can't be mad when wearing one either.

So tell me, do you have any similar experiences regarding a splurge that ended up being more of a bummer than anything? Share your stories, because misery loves company!!

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