Wardrobe Must-Have: Top 6 Chambray Styles

The one buzzword I hear as to what will be getting lots of play in wardrobes this spring is: denim! Yes, I know this is nothing new, and yes, I know that denim is a pretty simple basic.  What is different this season is that we are seeing more variations on the classic denim/chambray we already know and love.  I'm talking embellishments, distressing, different washes, bleaching, patching - you name it, it will be happening. I already have a few DIYs I would like to try!  One of the denim basics we can build on is the ever popular chambray top.  It is safe to say that a chambray top is a must-have in any wardrobe, but this season, several different types of chambray tops are a must-have as well!  Below I have curated my top six favorite styles, all of which deserve their own special place in your closet!

If you own a chambray, odds are its the classic, which is a great starting point. Clean and simple, this will go with anything.

This style of chambray stands out by the way the seams are stitched along the front, and the western style yoke. You can see more detailed photos of this if you click through the link. I also love the button tabs on the side for when you roll up the sleeves, which comes in handy when it gets warmer.

The lace adds a feminine element that pairs so nicely with the chambray. Play it up by pairing with a fun skirt.  This style would be an easy DIY.

These look as though the front pocket has been removed, leaving a darker dye showing in it's place.  This gives it a patchwork feel, which is going to be one of the big trends in denim this year.

A polka dot printed chambray is fun, and a less severe way to rock the denim-on-denim look, as the print adds depth.   

The top equivalent of boyfriend jeans, these have a more generous cut, and fit a bit more slouchy. Great when paired with a colored skinny.

As you can see, not all chambrays are created equal, and there really is no reason to stop at just one! I've just added a polka dot print to my closet, and am excited about acquiring a few more this spring.


  1. I also think there are two types of the classic - dark and light. I wear my darker one TONS but sometimes a lighter one would be just the thing. Love the dots too. (And I'm pretty sure my husband will think I'm completely nuts if I have more than one chambray, which is the only thing that's stopped me from getting either of those so far, but I totally agree that there are multiple must-haves!)

    1. You are absolutely right Anne about the two types of classic. The first and the last I featured are my version of the lighter and darker classic, and would be the 2 I would say everyone should definitely have! The rest are like icing on the cake!

  2. i have one from jcrew that i LOVE.

    1. I need to get to a Jcrew to try one on, it's been on my list of to-do's. Along with emailing you back! Ack! Going to get on that right now...

  3. I really like the pocket detail/deconstruction.

  4. Old Navy has a nice polka dot one out now that I recently purchased. I thought it would be a nice change from the solids for springtime.

  5. I love the lace embellished style!!! Need that now...


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