Sunday Shopping

I don't know what it is, but spring style has me all worked up into a frenzy lately!  With every March issue of the fashion mags, with every Jcrew catalog, with every Old Navy or Gap email...I'm eating it all up.  It is just all so good!  My wish list is about a mile long right now, and it is hard to hold off on just scooping up all the things.  Alas, my rational, budget-minded side doesn't allow my more impulsive side to just buy buy buy.    In the meantime, I just keep quietly adding to my list of wants...and of course filling you in on them too so I'm not alone in my agony.  Here are just a few things I have had my eye on lately...

Tons of great colors available in this, although this cobalt is my favorite. I love an extra long cardi for wearing buttoned over skinny jeans or unbuttoned over a maxi dress or with a bootcut/trouser pant.

I don't know if these are new this season, but it is the first time I have noticed them and I am obsessed!  It is the exact shape and frame thickness I was looking for in a new pair of glasses. I may actually splurge on these.  I usually buy cheap ones from Target or Kohls, but I think it is high time for an upgrade!

This belt is like an extra piece of jewelry! Love the bubblegum pink rhinestones paired with the tan leather. This would look great belted over a dress or cardi, or with denim and a tucked-in button-up!

Have you heard of this collab you guys? Honestly, I don't fawn over Kate Spade stuff that often, but I am crushing on each and every one of these Keds! The neon pink pointed toe?! I mean, come on!  Looks like they wont be available until March though.

Note: Don't you dare give me a few glasses of wine and let me get near the computer for online shopping, because all bets are off then.


  1. Love the belt!


  2. I can't wait for summer keds!
    new follower :)

  3. I am pretty smitten with those sunglasses as well. I have been wanting some Ray Bans since I bought a pair for my husband recently - the tortoise would be my choice!