Introducing: The February Closet!

I am so excited to be debuting the items for our February Closet today.  I want to thank you all for your comments and suggestions as to what you would like to see featured this month.  I took it all into consideration, and have incorporated many of those items here.  You all are some very stylish ladies and I loved hearing your ideas, it makes this all so much more fun for me! 

To recap, my monthly closet series will feature 14 items, remixed into over a weeks' worth of outfits.  My goal with this year long series is to help you build a versatile, stylish closet full of items that you love to wear.    Each item is carefully picked to be both affordable, and relevant no matter what your age or occupation. The series runs every Monday, so be sure to check in for new outfits every week!  If you missed January, you can check out that closet here.

For February I am focusing on incorporating lots of color, items that will transition from winter to spring, as well as transition from day to evening looks.  I am pretty smitten with these 14 pieces my friends!

JCrew Trench Coat
The ultimate spring outer layer. So versatile and classy-a must for every woman's closet.  If you prefer an edgier or more modern approach, try a contrasting sleeve trench (like this one) for a similar look.

Jcrew Lilac Cardigan
This is the "Jackie" cardigan, which of course I am partial to. ;) I am really loving this color for spring, and I will show you through this closet just how well it works with other colors!

Jcrew Gingham Perfect Shirt
Gingham has earned its spot as a classic print, right up there with stripes and polka dots.  I don't see these fun checks going anywhere any time soon.  Collect them in lots of colors!

Madewell Stripe Tee
Stripes work year-round, but are especially fresh in spring and summer for bringing that nautical flair to your look.

Target Peplum Tank
I like this softer version of the peplum, and the pleating adds just enough interest. A nice
 day to evening piece.

Kut form the Kloth Mint Denim Skinnies
Mint is a great color that made a big bang last year, and is still hanging around for this season.  A mint pant will add interest to your closet.

Old Navy Denim Skinnies
I tend to reach for my darker washes of denim in the winter, and my lighter washes in the spring. This is a great lighter wash that pairs well with the colors of the season.

Old Navy Shirtdress
It's official-I need this dress. Featuring a bold and modern black & white palette, which is on-trend this season. Plus, I love a good shirtdress. They are modestly cut, but still super sexy.

Baublebar Gold Bracelet
A pretty gold chain bracelet can class up any look. This has the addition of a great modern pyramid pendant.

Madden Girl Nude Patent Wedge
Jcrew has a very similar version to this, that is much more expensive.  A nude wedge is classic and is the perfect essential for transitioning from a day to evening look.

Club Monaco Leopard Skinny Belt
I own a similar version and wear it all. the. time. A closet must-have.

Target Cobalt Crossbody
Boxy is back for spring-be it heels or bags ( I posted a vine about it-are you guys on there yet? Obsessed. I'm JackieofSPS, come find me for video action).  This cobalt beauty is such a great tone to temper down all the pastels, and pairs well with black as well.

Old Navy Floral Scarf
This watercolor-esque floral scarf adds the perfect feminine touch to the closet!

Gap Neon Yellow Ballet Flats
Neon yellow is one of my favorite ways to add a jolt of energy to an outfit.  I think this color looks surprisingly good on all skin tones.  I love these flats so much that I just ordered a pair for myself as my first addition to my spring shoe wardrobe this year.

So what do you think of the items in this month's closet? Remember to come back next Monday for the first set of outfits!


  1. Love these selections! Only problem I see is that the outfits you put together with them are going to tempt me to shop, ha (I will say that fabulous peplum tank was already on my list - haven't seen it in person yet, but online it looks worth more than the price!). But I'm already reimagining some of them - such as I have pants the color of that button down, so I could invert some color combos... Looking forward to these :)

    1. Haha! It has been hard to not be tempted to buy all of these-I end up falling so in love with each piece, especially as the month progresses. I love that you are using this as inspiration to work with what you already have. I'd love to see some of your recreations!

  2. love it all!! i want it all!! can't wait to see how you style these!

    1. Thank you! It's so fun making up the outfits, it is hard for me to wait for Monday to reveal them, I just want to show you them all now! ;)

  3. Ahhhh Jackie I love every piece! I'm already pairing them together in my mind, so now I just want them all lol! Great choices, can't wait for next Monday!

  4. I ordered those wedges today! :) Thank you for using my suggestion!

    1. That is so great! Let me know how you like them!

  5. I have that dress in my cart as I type. LOVE! Thanks lady!

    1. Awesome! It is going to look super cute on you Kristin!