What To Wear: Valentine's Day!

Do you have plans already on the books for Valentine's Day?  We usually don't have anything planned too far ahead (I'm talking even the week before!) as it is always hard to coordinate babysitters, work schedules, kids' schedules, etc.  Last year I had one kid down with the stomach flu and my husband ended up having to work late that night.  I've really come to learn that Murphy's Law will always screw up your plans if you looking too much forward to something.  That sounds kind of depressing, huh? But I'm just being realistic here!  Anyway...no matter what your plans are this Valentine's Day, have a little fun and dress up for the occasion!  It will help put you in the spirit even if your plans don't quite turn out.  Here are a few fun ideas for you...

Meeting someone special for a casual lunch, or maybe going out to dinner with the family?  This look is perfect! 

Your man got you reservations for the swankiest establishment in town? Lucky girl! Don't forget your highest heels!

Maybe cocktails with the girls is just what the doctor ordered! Cheers!


  1. we don't go "out" on v-day - i feel it's too stuffy - we'll do a date night another night - we usually cook a really nice dinner - have Champs - and watch a movie

  2. I'm more likely to do a girls' night myself, since my hubby is often working too and would totally wear 1 or 3... We tend not to plan anything anyway though, since our anniversary is the 4th - love that table for 2 outfit as an option for our fancy dinner celebration this weekend though! Gorgeous.

    Hope you still get to do something fun with your hubby, whether on the day of or not :)

  3. Day date is perfect. Would wear this in a heartbeat.

  4. I love the day date look, especially the sweater! And the dress you chose for the dinner out is gorgeous. It looks like the cut would be so flattering.

  5. love the punch of pink and green! so cute.