Valentine's Day Gift Guide!

When it comes to Valentine's Day, I am unapologetically over-the-top.  I can't get enough hearts, red, pink, lovey-dovey feel good words...you name it, I eat it up.  With that being said there are two things related to Valentine's Day gift giving that I am not keen on (you may not agree with me on these): chocolates and lingerie.  Just don't even think about it. Not my style.  Honestly, I can take or leave chocolate, which most people never quite understand.  And lingerie is just, well, tricky.  It's a fine line between sweet and tacky, right?!  With all that being said, I present to you a fun little Valentine gift guide for the modern girly girl who can't get enough of the day of love!  Send this link off to the men in your life and you are set ladies!

A great bold punch to kick up an evening look!
A gal can never have too many glosses to keep up a perfect pout!
Remind her just how Sweet she is with this darling needlepoint pillow.
A cute handmade bowl perfect to stash her most precious jewels.
Because aren't we all lost a bit without love?
The perfect girly touch to an everyday outfit.
Cocktail party anyone?
Sexy. Black. Heels. A must.


  1. I am adding the red and pink clutch to my wish list. Love it!

  2. great round up! I think VDay is my favorite holiday of them all. So fun and sweet.

    Funny, I'm not a huge fan of chocolate either. I love the little "sweet" pillow. It would be so cute in Abigail's room!

  3. Haha, we are Valentine opposites! Love me some chocolates and lingerie! Actually, getting a sweet card is my favorite Valentine tradition though :) I do love that black and white bowl!

  4. I'm with you on the lingerie. No thank you. And chocolate I like to eat year-round, so better to celebrate with some of these absolutely adorable pink & red & heart things you picked! Much more personalized too.

  5. Now these I'd LOVE to get for V-Day! Great picks, so much more practical than chocolate and lingerie...