Sunday Shopping

Ah! The last day of winter vacation has fallen upon us.  For me, my "work" duties begin again tomorrow  which include but are not limited to: shuttling my daughter's to and from school, grocery shopping, cleaning, etc. etc.  The glamorous life of a stay at home mom.  I thoroughly enjoyed this break though, realizing that I only cooked a few meals myself and only drove one place (!) by myself for two whole weeks! Cray.  So today let's prolong the inevitable (ie: reality) one last day and go shopping!

5. Comme des Garcons sneakers (so obsessed!)


  1. LOVE the "LOVE" sweatshirt... this would be a perfect outfit for me to tackle Monday in! :) I feel the same way... totally back to reality!

  2. I love that planner! And the sweater!