Sunday Shopping: Errand Time

When your errand list is a mile long on the weekend, a comfortable yet pulled together outfit is key. Post office, grocery store, dry cleaner, the list always seems to go on and on right?!  I created this outfit with those tasks in mind.  One of my favorite elements is the new Kate Spade bag that holds your iPad inside! The color is fun, the structure is classic and how great to just zip it open and have all your iPad apps at your service!  Perfect for keeping track of that to-do list! 


  1. Lovely sweater and the bag is awesome!


  2. Yes! So chic and perfect for running weekend errands!

  3. hey there, do you think you could show us how you styled that poncho that you peeked at on your instas? i meant to leave you a comment over there, but forgot and remembered when i was getting caught up on your blog. anyway, i have the same one, but can't figure out how to wear it!