Introducing: The January Closet!

I had such a great response to my Ultimate Winter Wardrobe post last month, that I have decided to make it one of my new monthly series for 2013!  I'm thrilled to have found something that resonates with you all, and this has been such a fun challenge to put together.  The idea behind these posts is to pick 14 items-the "closet"- and then remix those pieces into over a week's worth of outfits.  I know that you, like me, have limited budgets and busy lives, and that we need to make the most out of what we have.  I hope that you will find through these posts inspiration to both build your wardrobe, and help make those items in your closet go the extra mile. 

The posting format for this series will be as follows: 

The first Monday of the month I will post the entire "closet" full of pieces.  This will be your master list for the month.  All products will be linked and I will explain each choice in detail.  By sharing my thought process and experiences behind the choice I feel you are better equipped to make decisions on if a similar item would work for you.  I will never pick an item that is over $100-I'm sticking to what I would feel comfortable paying!

On each following Monday of the month I will post 3-4 outfits made from the "closet", totaling at least 9 for the month!

Sound good?! Let's get to it then!

We all know and love the versatility of a chambray top.  It can be worn alone, or is great for layering.  What's fun is that they are now coming out with interesting little variations on the chambray-such as this one with tiny polka dots!

Zoe Karssen gets my vote for favorite statement tees and sweaters.  Personally I prefer words as a graphic over animals, I generally think they will last in your closet longer.  Will we all still think foxes are cute next season? Not sure.  But Love will forever be all you need!  Zoe Karssen items can be pricey, but they do eventually get to discount sites such as the outnet, so watch for that. There are also always knock-offs at stores such as Forever 21 and H&M.

Based on the spring runway shows, bold "jailhouse" stripes, as well as black and white are on trend this season.  I have a very similar sweater purchased at Gap last year that I was excited to get out and wear again this season, and it has got a lot of play. 

Another item I own from several seasons back that is still something I reach for.  Versatile, casual, yet still very chic and on trend with the military vibe.  You will be surprised how this will go with everything-from day to night!

I am only now really discovering the amazingness that is a puffer vest!  This winter has been one of the colder and wetter ones here in California, so I have been layering my vests over everything!  It's a great added dose of warmth without too much bulk, and it also helps bring another layer of style to your look!

A wonderful, cozy layering piece.  I used a gray henley in last months closet, this month I am using a black one.  In my book, it is the perfect classic first layer for any look.  

Have loved, still love, will probably always love!  Enough said.

This is one item that I do not own, and honestly won't be buying until I lose a few inches off the hips (hello resolution!), but I will tell you why I included it.  A colored bottom is here to stay.  What was once a fun trendy thing that popped up is now nearly as mainstream as regular denim.  It adds a fun pop to a look in an easy way, and can really help maximize the other items in your wardrobe.  I picked red because it is showing to be a popular choice to mix with the color of the year-emerald.  Plus, it's like the chic red lip of the pants department!

A classic.  These are by Sam Edelman.  I have a similar pair in this brand and they have held up very well through the seasons.

This is another item I am just now discovering the amazingness of.  Being a busy mom, I rarely wear a heel during the week.  I need something comfy and cute to get me through the day.  For a long time I was relying on flats (such as a ballet or smoking loafer), and while I still love those, I needed something to wear socks with this winter.  Enter these babies.  I got mine at Target, kind of as my entry pair, but now I would like to buy a pair of the "real" ones.  Also coveting these ones from yesterday's post!

I am a purse lover, and every season I like to buy one or two new bags, but I really am not one to change them out very often.  A nice cognac bag will go with everything, and the interesting shape along with studded detailing on this one gives it that extra something to jazz up your outfit.  (You will not believe the price on this one!)

On days when I am not feeling my best, but need to be out in the world, it always makes me feel much more pulled together when I put a simple earring on.  It brightens up your face-very much like swiping on some lipstick-and is quick and easy.  Pick a signature pair and make it your motto to not leave home without them!

A classic watch for your wrist will always make a statement.  When loads of bangles feel too fussy, I fall back on a simple watch time and time again. (No pun intended!)

A scarf in winter is a must for me before walking out the door.  Added warmth? Check. Added style? Check. Simple and easy? Check.  Budget Friendly? Check. Really, I feel naked when I forget to throw a scarf on before leaving home.  For versatility sake, a nice solid color will is always the best bet.  And yes, I chose the color of the year for this one-I just can't get enough!!

And there you have our January closet.  Please feel free to leave any questions or comments-I would love to hear your feedback!  Also remember to check back in next Monday when I start posting the outfits I have created from the closet!

UPDATES: See Remixes 1-3


  1. I love this monthly wardrobe idea - I especially love these picks as I already have most of these (or items that could work in their place), so I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with them! And for those times when I feel like I have nothing to wear or my wardrobe seems boring (that happens to everyone, right?), looking to a little capsule section of it for inspiration seems like a trick that could do wonders....

    1. I'm glad you like it Anne! I agree, it can do wonders! It has already given me more ideas of what to wear!

  2. This will be fun to watch...can't wait to see what you come up with! =)

  3. I completely agree with you about the converse sneakers! I stay at home with 2 boys so I've been relying on my ballet flats most of the time, but now that it's finally cold here in Oklahoma I needed something warmer! It's nice to change up the jeans tucked into boots thing a few times a week!

    1. Hi Moira! Yes, I love flat boots tucked into pants as well-one of my other staples!

  4. Loved this series last month, and I am so glad you're making it a monthly series now! The pieces you pick are affordable and work on a range of body types, which is very important and hard to find on other blogs :) Great job and can't wait to see the rest!

    1. Wow, what a nice comment! Thank you so much! So glad you like what I present over here! oxo

  5. I love this idea (you know that!) and this first month is spot on to what I have been digging lately (or just over-wearing!) so I can't wait to see what you come up with! Great way to start '13 lady!