Dress, Drink, Dine: Classic With A Twist Brunch

One of my resolutions this year was to make healthier eating choices (shocker!), and so far I am doing pretty good!  It has been fun to search for recipes that are alternatives to my old favorites, but that use lighter and fresher ingredients.  One of the major cravings I have had though, is for big hearty breakfast food!  It's so funny what we end up craving isn't it? I don't miss sugar, I don't miss soda, I don't miss chips (yet), but boy oh boy do I want a big fat helping of Eggs Benedict   So I took to the internets to find an alternative and ran across the one I am sharing below.  I also found an alternative to the classic brunch-favorite, the Bloody Mary.  It's interesting to see these little twists on traditional recipes, isn't it?  How are you doing on your resolutions so far?





  1. My same res for me and the fam...especially my toddler who won't eat veggies..trying creative ways to get them down..wish me luck, haha!

    Great little black and white dress!!!
    Happy New year

    1. Good luck! I too and trying to get my girls to eat healthier-it is no easy feat!

  2. This dress is so adorable - now why can't it be summer so I can wear it?! And come to think of it eating healthy would be easier if it were summer too, with all the great fresh produce, but I've been working upping the veggies lately around here as well (always feel the need after the holidays...)