My Winter Wardrobe-13 Pieces I Can't Live Without!

I may have a closet full of clothes, but it never fails that I reach for the same handful of items again and again each season.  I thought I would share with you those wardrobe MVP's I currently have in heavy rotation.  I find it most inspirational to see what other people actually wear, not just what they wish they were wearing (although that is fun too!), so I hope you enjoy this realistic glimpse.

Oversize Cream Cable Knit-
I purchased mine from Zara, but this asos version is very similar.  Hands down this has gotten the most play.  It is comfy, versatile and can be dressed up or down, and I've done it all!

Black & White Buffalo Plaid Shirt-
Mine has a slightly smaller check pattern, but is also from F21.  Alone, or in layers, this goes surprisingly well with everything.

Gray Waffle Knit Henley-
I bought these from Gap in gray, black and white-they are so soft and cozy, and thin enough to wear under other items without feeling like they add too much bulk.

Neon Yellow Sweater-
I am still loving this color since summer, and have found it has effortlessly transitioned into my winter wardrobe as well.  It adds a nice dose of sunshine on these cloudy days.

Herringbone Vest-
I just mentioned this purchase and how I could not be more happy with it.  It is cozy and warm and cute!

Distressed Skinny Denim-
The pair pictured here isn't quite as distressed as the one I own, but it is a very similar shade.  I love these for tucking into tall boots, or for cuffing and pairing with my shorter booties.

Black Leggings-
I wear these at home lounging around, as well as out either with a long shirt or a dress over, depending on the occasion.  I recently bought some fleece lined tights online that am hoping will look the same but give me a bit more warmth.

Black Booties with Wood Stacked Heel-
Last year at H&M I bought a very similar pair to this, and I have loved them ever since.  I wear them with skinnies cuffed, with leggings or even with boot cut denim. So versatile.

Brown Riding Boots-
I have these exact boots from Timberland and they are so well made. I was very impressed, and will probably purchase boots made by them the next time I am in the market for a new pair.  In the winter I pretty much stick to boots because my feet get extremely cold.  I need something that I can wear nice thick socks with. (Which probably should have made this list too, because I live in these!)

Simple Earrings-
These are the closest I could find to a pair I wear every day.  Morning, noon or night, they fit in wherever I seem to go!

Cable Knit/ Faux Fur Snood-
Another of my recent purchases, this has quickly become something I grab as I head out the door every morning.  It's literally like a blanket for your neck and I love it!

White Fossil Watch-
Mine actually has a brown face, but I love this rose gold version too.  Just a great watch that matches everything, but is a bit more interesting than your average gold.

Camo Jacket-
Ah, my favorite Gap Boy's department purchase ever (okay, my only, but probably not my last-I have my eye on this sweater!). The version pictured is similar and from TopShop.  I love mine because it has been quite the conversation piece for me.  People don't always get it, but I think that is why I like it so much!

So there you have the 13 pieces I have in top rotation (aka, what is always in my laundry pile!)  I would definitely say the name of the game for me are items that are comfy, cozy and versatile. You could play a drinking game with how many times I said those words in this post!  I have mixed and matched these items in many different ways, and I may do a post on showing you how in the near future.  So tell me, what is on your list of most worn items this winter?


  1. we are totally on the same wave length for winter! I would only add my chambray top, otherwise we have a lot of similar pieces. My leggings have been worn so much I think they need to go in the garbage - definitely going to need a new pair before winter is over!

  2. I could not live without my chambray, otherwise we are totally on the same page!

  3. I love the black and white plaid shirt! And the yellow sweater is great!

  4. I have a camo jacket and I can not get enough!!! Love those Timberland boots!

  5. I love that Fossil watch. You inspired me to get one last Spring and I wear it everyday! The pearlized white works in the winter too. Loooove! Also, I need that camo jacket! P.S. I miss your design posts! :)

    1. Oh, so glad you have one too! I just love that watch! And you are so sweet, I miss doing design posts too. I have kind of kept those to pinterest now, so make sure you are following me over there for all my interior inspiration!

  6. I want a buffalo plaid shirt so bad, but every time I try one on I just look like a lumberjack! I might have to check out that snood though... in love with it!