Holiday Gift Guide: The Cozy Queen

Today's gift guide is for your friend that loves the comforts of home!

I love the idea of a beautifully crafted dishtowel, and this one has great vintage detailing in modern color options.

Great for entertaining, but also lovely out on the counter to display kitchen pretties, like so.  Dual purpose is always a plus.

Nothing beats a cozy slipper-you can putter around the house in these beauties all winter long!

Really indulge your cozy queen with this Pendleton blanket!  A handy leather strap makes it easy to bring along on horse drawn carriage rides through the city with Prince Charming.

These are also a great DIY. I used these at my 30th birthday party last year, and they looked absolutely magical hanging from all the trees at night with candles inside!

These look MUCH more expensive than they are! Pair two together for a dramatic table centerpiece.

Pure comfort!  

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