Dress, Drink, Dine: New Year's!

So how was your Christmas?? I've been thoroughly enjoying all the time spent with my family, and am thrilled to have another week with them before anyone has to go back to school or work.  I can't believe it is nearly New Year's, it always sneaks up on me, being so soon after Christmas.  I kind of spend all my energy on that, and wind up just totally pooped out by NYE, and wanting to just be home in my pajamas.  What about you??  Here is some inspiration for you NYE party animals out there...or swap out the dress for pjs like I want to and you are set for a quiet evening at home!


How fun (and easy!) is a champagne bar?!



  1. Well I won't be wearing a dress this year (it will be way too cold) but that one is really pretty. Will definitely take a champagne bar + stuffed mushrooms though--yum! Just wanted to stop by Jackie and wish you a happy New Year. Hope your holiday so far has been a good one!

    xo Mary Jo