December Inspirations

Ahh, winter. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with it. On the one hand, I love bundling up and hunkering down, enjoying the warmth of home and the company in it...but on the other hand it can also make you a little stir crazy!  Luckily we have had a sunny break in the several week long storms we were having, so I am thawing off a bit so to speak.  How are you doing where you live? Are you loving the winter, or are you already over it? Technically speaking, winter solstice isn't even until the 21st! We have a long way to go still ladies!  If you are feeling down, don't forget about my ways to add spirit to your style for the holiday season!  Here are a few more fun December inspirations for you....

I'm ALL about nesting right now-I'm decluttering, and bringing out more warm and cozy layers for my home. This picture serves as a major source of where I want my home's look to go!

I am so obsessed with two things right now: beanies and fair isle print leggings (or anything fair isle really, check out my post here for more!)  What a cute way this gal combined the two!

These chalkboard inspired holiday tags are adorable-and available for free download here!

More winter style inspo (from one of my fave new fashion gals)- plaid + puffy vest + head wrap. Yes please!

I still have a thing for old mason jars, and this darling illustration is also available for free download.  Other styles available too-these would be so cute framed as a small nod to the season.


  1. I'm feeling all about nesting and decluttering right now too - if only I were less busy with holiday things to actually be able to do it. January 1, this place is getting refreshed! Love the inspiration photo.

  2. I really love December and Christmas and their inspirations!

    On my blog Christmas inspirations :) http://softandhardy.blogspot.com.es/