Holiday Gift Guide: All DIY!

This year I thought I would challenge myself and completely DIY the gifts I will be giving this year (except for my daughters, who I know wouldn't quite appreciate the gesture quite yet).  I'm not sure I can pull it off, as I probably should have started months ago, but I have collected some great ideas that I think are fun, smart, and not overly complicated to create.  I apologize to friends and family who are reading this, as this may be a spoiler as to something you may be receiving...or (more likely) I might get overwhelmed at the last minute and fall back on the retail scene!  Either way, I wanted to share these ideas I found with you, in case you would like to try your hand at a little DIY gift giving this season!

1. For the Book Worm: 
I love this idea of simply affixing book pages to the outside of clear votive holders.  You could pick pages from the recipient's favorite books, or find some great vintage books with illustrations at the thrift store to use.  Or perhaps use a book of poetry or quotes.  The options are endless.  Tie a pretty bow or some twine around it too for an added layer.  Don't forget a yummy scented candle for inside! 
 Directions here.

2. For the Artsy Teen:
This is simple recycling at it's finest.  Take a shoe or other small box and cover with paper of your choice.  Insert toilet(!) paper tubes inside to help hold all the pens in place.  Fill up with loads of colorful sharpies, markers, pens, etc. and you have yourself a cute little art caddy! Don't forget a fresh new notepad for all their doodles. 
Directions here.

3. For your Man:
Salted. Whiskey.  Caramels.  Need I say more?  I LOVE homemade food gifts probably more than anything.  Coming up with cute packaging is such a fun part of the process as well!  I would probably put them in these. 
Directions here.

4. For the Dreamer and Doer:
These notebooks are taken to the next level with bold geometric shapes using gold leaf!  So pretty and so simple.  You can make the entire thing yourself, or buy a plain notebook and then add the gold leaf.  Don't forget to write a few inspiring quotes on the first pages, and a sweet personalized note too!
Directions here.

5. For the Entertainer:
Remember those cute coasters I featured yesterday?  Well, these directions from Martha Stewart are a great way to pull them off on your own! 
Directions here.

6.  For your Friendly Neighbor:
Again, there is nothing quite like a homemade food gift, and these garlic, rosemary and chili almonds are sure to please!  There are so many different options for how to season almonds too, so you may want to do several different versions for a fun variety pack!
Recipe here.

7. For the Newlywed:
Gift your girlfriend who was just married with a custom framed monogram of her new initials!  With this free monogram download, all you have to do is frame it! There are also more color options available. 
 Free download & instructions here. 

8. For the New Mom:
I absolutely adore this idea: a vintage postcard calendar journal. That's a mouthful, but the premise is simple: every month has an index card for each day, in which to jot down memorable events and milestones.  I thought this would be great for a new mom, as so many milestones are reached in the first year of a babies' life.  I wish I had done something like this when my girls were young.  This also would be great as a daily gratitude journal.  Vintage postcards are used as monthly dividers, and are easily found at antique shops.  I have a little collection already going of vintage California postcards, so this is a great way to put them to use! Directions here.

9. For the Wino:
Ha! Or maybe I should say the home decor lover?  Either way, this wine cork burst is the cutest way to make use of those corks you can't seem to throw away (or am I the only one?).  One of these would be so cute adorning a bookshelf, a side table or a bar cart! 
Directions here.

So what do you think?  Has this inspired you to DIY any presents this year? All of these great ideas I found courtesy of pinterest- check out my DIY board for even more ideas!


  1. SUCH great ideas! I love DIY presents. I think i may try to tackle the coasters.



  2. So many awesome ideas, thank you! I've been thinking about DIYing some gifts this year but I've been looking for some ideas. I love the cork starburst and the cute votives!

  3. Great ideas! My go-to DIY gifts have been embellished pillow covers (buy the basics from Ikea and jazz them up with embroidery or iron-on silhouette shapes) and personalized notecards, but now that I've handed those out to all the ladies in my life, I need some new ideas...

  4. Great ideas! We have a few family friends that always bring us a package of peanut brittle each year and I'd like to make something small in return. The coasters are my favorite! I've also embroidered holiday dishtowels for family before :)