What To Pack: Wine Country!

Recently, I had a friend on facebook ask me what she should wear wine tasting in Napa Valley.  I'm always flattered when people ask my opinion on such matters, it makes me feel validated with what I do.  My advice to her, and for you, if you are wondering the same thing, is this: you can go as casual or as dressed up as you want to!  I've worn everything from maxi dresses, to boyfriend jeans with a cute blouse, to colored denim with a chambray top.  There really are no rules, which is evidenced by the mix of people in the tasting rooms.  I've literally witnessed people coming in fresh from a run, in full workout gear, still sweating, and do a wine tasting.  Not that I am condoning that at all.  I've also witnessed a young couple wheel their baby in a stroller in and do a tasting.   My point is, you can pretty much get away with anything!

But since you are here for advice, here are some hard and fast rules as to what I deem as necessary and/or appropriate for a trip to the wine country:

1. Bring layers!  The weather can go from cold to warm to everything in between in a matter of hours in the Napa/Sonoma areas. 

2.  Keep it classy.  I always gravitate toward more refined, feminine styles on these occasions, as it matches the mood and atmosphere well.

3. Pick a versatile color palette.  As with any vacation packing, this helps with mixing and matching among pieces and getting the most out of what you bring.

4.  Take a good mix of casual and dressy pieces.  It never fails, that at least one day on a trip I am not in the mood to wear what I had planned for the day.  It is nice to have other options to fall back on.    

5. Bold accessories give you more bang for your buck.   Bring your statement pieces along, so you can do just that: make a statement.

6.  Pack flat, comfortable shoes, and a heel.  If you will be doing a lot of walking during the day, it is best to just stick with a flat.  Then at night you can change to your heels for dinner.  Unless you are one of those crazy cats that can manage just fine in heels for hours.  More power to you!

Below is an example of items that would be perfect to pack away in your suitcase for a fun fall trip to the wine country:  

12. Dress (dying over this!!)

Since we are on the topic, I would love to hear your funny tasting room stories if you have any.  They really are the best place to people watch!


  1. Wonderful selections! nice looks and a great place to visit:)

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  2. Great choices! I love the buffalo plaid coat..I found an amazing one at a consignment store and now they are everywhere..gotta love it!
    Sheree xxx

  3. love that dress! xo


  4. Great essentials! Love the green skinnies!

    xo, Christina


  5. LOVE packing lists too! :)

    That dress is amazing! Whoa! I wish I had somewhere to wear that baby!