Sweet Treats Under $25!

I ran into Gap over the weekend, and let me tell you, they had the cutest new arrivals!!  Lots of camo, lots of neons and neutrals (glad to see the trend is carrying over to fall), lots of yummy sweaters and scarves.  I picked up a great camo stripe tee, which I have featured below. At under $25, how could I resist?!

Camo stripe tee: This is going to be so versatile...I think it will go with pretty much anything!

Nail Art Pen: These are so fun to use, literally anything you can dream up you can put on your nails with this! There are tons of ideas on pinterest if you type in "nail art pen". Really loving this one!

Canvas Tote:  In fun camo colors, without the commitment to the camo look. Because I know not everyone is on board with the trend like I am ;)

Cuff Bracelet: Nothing like a statement piece of jewelry to amp up an outfit!  I find it is my favorite way to add interest to an otherwise simple ensemble. ( Do people say ensemble anymore??)

Ankle Booties:  If you are going to invest in a pair of shoes for fall/winter, make it a bootie!


  1. Love those boots! So cute!

    Check out my oxblood bag *GIVEAWAY!!*

    xo, Christina

  2. I had kind of stopped shopping at Gap for a while, but this fall... I want one of everything! And they keep having such good sales too. Love that tote as well.

  3. Loving the bracelet and the camo stripes in the shirt..good pics!
    Sheree xx

  4. I love that shirt so much (I posted about it too!) seriously dying at how cute it is! I should check out those nail art pens, Abigail always wants designs on her nails and I am so not that good with nail polish!

  5. Love the boots and I've to get myself a nail art pen!!!


  6. I LOVE that camo stripe t-shirt--what a fun way to incorporate some camo into my wardrobe. And that tote is so cute too!

  7. love those boots! and camou is becoming very trendy :)