Sunday Shopping: Fall Luxe!

I am just loving this color palette...mint, taupe,espresso and touches of gold.  Mix in yummy textures like velvet, fur and buttery leather, and you have fall luxe at it's finest!  Yet all  these pieces are still comfy and so wearable!

Fur snood (a must-have this season!)
Purse (you won't believe the price on this one!)


  1. I want those shoes!! I'm looking for shoes like this for two years and now you come and post this... jackie I owe you one...let's go online shopping thanks for sharing (because sharing is caring ^^)

    xoxo Minnie

    1. That's great Minnie! Happy to have found something you were looking for. I am just in love with those boots, I think they are a great deal!

  2. I also am thankful to you for posting these shoes. They are adorbs!!! Also love your blog!!

  3. Yummy textures indeed! It just got really cold here, so I could use a little dose of cozy from these...