Saturday's Dress, Drink, Dine: Fall's Bounty!

While pumpkin mania is certainly in full swing (what can't you add pumpkin to?), don't forget all the other yummy fruits and veggies that fall brings.  I found two great recipes for dinner and drinks that utilize a few and will be sure to please your friends and family!

I am loving the look of long sleeved maxi dresses-they look so comfy and chic!  Add an equestrian style belt for definition.  For extra warmth a cardi or a fur vest would look great over this!

A persimmon margarita sounds so divine!

Okay, so butternut squash is pretty similar in flavor to pumpkin, so this isn't too much of a departure.  But have you tried sauteing them up with black beans and making tacos with them? Seriously so good.  This recipe is for enchiladas.

What are you munching on this weekend?

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