Fall Style Inspiration: Thakoon at Shopbop

 One of the ways I love to gain inspiration for the trends of the season, is by checking out the lookbooks of my favorite online retailers and designers.  Shopbop has always been one of my favorite destinations for this.  They put a lot of effort into their lookbooks, each one has the quality of a magazine editorial, and their styling is always spot on!  One of their recents used pieces from the fall Thakoon line, and I couldn't be more inspired by what they presented. Loads of great ideas for outerwear and accessories...

Below are a few of the exact items from the lookbook:

And here are a few items to recreate the look in your own closet for less...

Blanket Jacket (I always try to pick affordable options, but this one slipped through the cracks-sorry in advance! Still considerably more affordable than the Thakoon version.)

A few other cute options I found are this bracelet, this jacket, and this dress!


  1. Ooh gorgeous! I love the rich colors and cozy textures! That camel skirt needs to get in my closet!