Sweet Treats Under $25

1. Gold Kiss Necklace- I just ordered this, I couldn't resist the great deal! I've had this one on my wish list for awhile, but the above is a great bargain-friendly alternative.

2. Fuschia Tie-Front Top- This is from Loehmanns, which we do not have where I live, and I have never been to one. Are they kind of like Marshalls or TJMaxx?  The website says the top's retail price is $99.50 and "our price" is $14.99.  Crazy deal!

3. Gold Loafers-These will go with everything.

4. "Fences" Scarf- Great colorway and pattern on this scarf.

5. Stila Fall Trio in Harvest- I still haven't figured out why Stila sells their trios for $12, while singles go for $22. What up with dat? Love picking up the new shades of the season.


  1. Ooh, I know! I like Stila too. Their trios or special palettes are smaller sizes so there is the reason for the price difference.
    Enjoy your site

  2. Great finds!! Love the shade of that blouse!
    xo, amy

  3. I love that tie-neck top! I've never been to a Loehmann's either, but I want to say that it's one of the stores they go to on What Not to Wear sometimes. I think it's similar to a Marshall's or T.J.'s, but maybe bigger? I'm not sure, but I wish we had one!

  4. Such great advice! I have been looking for a new gold necklace and I think I found it!!