Sweet Treats: 5 Under $25!

You may remember my "Afternoon Sweet Treats" posts...yeah kinda dropped the ball on that one. I really wanted to post twice a day, but have not been able to find the time consistently.  Instead, I am going to replace Monday Morning {P}inspirations (it had a good run) with one post full of goodies under $25!  Get them all out in one shot for you, how's that?  I think $25 really is a magic number-for us budget-minded gals anyway.  I can usually swing a cute little item if it is under $25 with no guilty conscious.  Sweet little treats!

1. Stripe sweater- always a classic, always room in the closet for a new one!
2. Scarf- great tropical print (did you see the bids?), in a darker palette for fall! Fun!
3. Leather Bow Shoe Clips- Loving these structured bows. Such a great way to amp up your plain flats! And on amazing sale at Madewell!
4. Green Flats-the perfect pop of color to your darker fall nuetrals.
5. Rhinestone Bracelet- add some bling to your stack!


  1. I love that scarf and those bow leather shoe clips!!!!!


  2. i have a jcrew bracelet that looks similar to the one you posted here and i love it, definitely a great addition to my jewelry collection

  3. Love those leather bow shoe clips!! Such a great idea.



  4. Those green flats are so pretty! I'll have to check them out next time in the store.

  5. I agree with the $25 magic price point... and I agree with all of these picks! Love. Plus they all look so fun together - but then a girl has to be careful not to go nuts because 5 things can add up, even if they are under $25 :)

  6. I love the magical $25 price point. It's seriously like magic, if it's $26 I won't buy it but if it's $25, heck yes!

  7. Love all of the pieces! That scarf is so pretty!!
    xo, amy

  8. I agree, $25 is a budget-friendly number! I love these picks--I would love to add that bracelet to my jewelry collection!

  9. Thanks for the sleuthing! I now have some cute shoe clips on the way!!