Sunday Shopping

We should just call this my birthday wish list as well...31 years old in less than two weeks. Ack!  It would certainly reduce the sting to find any of these in pretty little wrapped packages!

1. Loft Leopard Print Dolman Dress.  This is the hotness. *update: tried this on in store and it did not flatter me at all. Too tight on bottom, too loose on top. On the right body type, I'm sure it would be cute though-I'm a pear shape and it just didn't work.  Need to stick to a-lines!
2. Loft Tall Zipper Boots. These are so unique! Love them!
3. Stella and Dot Chantilly Lace Cuff
4. Merona Blazer, Target. I bought the plaid version and love it-would like this versatile camel color as well.


  1. Ohh, I will be turning 31 in the less than two weeks too!!! Mine is Sept. 16th, when is yours?? Great wishlist!!

    1. Mine is the 20th! Happy early birthday!

  2. Those boots are great! Lovely wishlist...