Style: Deconstructed

So coated denim and faux leather leggings are making quite the scene right now, and while in theory they certainly give off that chic with an edge vibe, in practice I feel they are remarkably impracticable.  I mean, seriously I would look ridic in them, and they probably aren't that comfortable.  Don't you think?  The lovely lady below is, of course, rocking them, and I do love how she put it all together so let's take a look...

So my question to you is: would you wear them? Have you worn them?  Thinking about it but on the fence?  Here is how to get the look for yourself, and of course you could substitute regular black pants and this outfit would look just as great!  It's all about making things work for you and your lifestyle.

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  1. This is so my kinda look..I live in my black cuff! wearing it in today's post..lol! and LOVE wax coated denim.it's like a change-up to leather.
    Sheree xxx

  2. I'm so in love with coated jeans! great deconstruction.

  3. Haven't tried them and to be honest, probably won't. I'll just stick with regular black jeans. I do think the edginess of them is fab!
    xx, amy

  4. Love this look! Just found your blog! Now following :)

    xo, Christina