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Threw on a Jcrew shirtdress (similar), a thin leopard belt, and loads of accessories for a night out with the hubs.

Sephora haul. Had to run in to redeem my free Sugar duo, which I love! Picked up some hair ties and a makeup sponge I have been wanting to try. I couldn't find the exact one online, but this one is just like it.  These egg shaped sponges live up to their hype! Blends foundation much more seamlessly than the traditional wedge. Worth the $12.99 that I had a mini heart attack over at the register because they were not marked with the price on the floor. I thought for sure it couldn't possibly be more than $5! Was able to redeem some points for a sample of Lancome Hypnose- wasn't thrilled. Still nothing beats my LashBlast!

New Forever 21 purse!  I am so in love with this. Looks so nice in person and is the perfect way to add a bit of the burgundy trend to your wardrobe. (Or, as all the cool kids seem to be calling it: "oxblood". But, ew.)

Another Forever 21 find is this necklace.  I loved the vintage-y vibe, along with the $12.80 price tag!

Had some yummy drinks and dinner at a local restaurant.  I always like to try a specialty cocktail when a restaurant has one, and this one was a basil-strawberry concoction.  Very nice!  Truffle fries in the background, which is another item I never pass up!

In other food news, my town has a traveling cupcake truck.  She posts her schedule and flavors every morning on facebook, and it has become a fun little ritual to see where she will be and when.  On this particular day I got in a minor fender-bender in the morning, and was in need of a pick-me-up, so I decided cupcakes were in order.  The maple bacon was my fave!  Don't worry, I didn't eat all six.

Loving the Dot bottle...looks super cute on my bathroom counter.  Definitely need a travel-friendly smaller version though, as the cap makes it pretty cumbersome to pack.

A fun girls night out at a local wine bar.  Nothing beats a good cheese plate and olives!

Lastly, my sofas finally arrived!  It took me a good day or so to get used to them (anyone else get buyer's remorse over large purchases?), but now I love them.  I need to purchase a bigger rug now, and am thinking a big fluffy white one like this.

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  1. Where is your new sofa from? We have been looking for a while but cannot find the perfect one.

    1. Chelsea, it is from a local shop. I believe the brand of the sofa was Robert Miller.

  2. I need to do a Sephora haul! Forgot how fun that can be. BTW- I might've eaten all six of those cupcakes- they look delish (maple bacon? fabulous!). And I say go for the white fluffy rug! We have a big gray sectional and recently picked up a flokati rug. Great look!

  3. I got that Sugar lip duo for my Bday too and really like it! Also not a fan of that Hypnose mascara (I've been using Loreal Voluminous for probably close to two decades and I've yet to find one I like better, no matter how expensive).
    That Forever 21 purse is super cute! I seem to be allergic to all their jewellery but it's always super cute too :)

    Instagram is pretty addicting, isn't it?

    Happy belated birthday!!!

  4. I can't believe that bag & necklace are Forever 21?! That's so awesome!!
    xo, amy

  5. I love that bag... oxblood, burgundy... whatever the color, it's super cute. It also looks like it's expensive!

  6. Looove your shirtdress and new necklace! Argh, happy belated birthday! Not remembering exact birthdays (I knew it was September...) is the main downside to getting rid of facebook :( I hope it was wonderful! xoxo

  7. my fave posts!! be careful with your sugar duo, both my broke because i guess i had them up to high (like a 10 year old) when i used them. :)