My Instagram Life: Sonoma Edition

Over Labor Day weekend we were finally able to make the trip up to Santa Rosa to visit my family. By now, we would have had several trips there over the summer under our belts, but this year circumstances prevented that.  I've mentioned before that it has not been an easy summer for us.  Both my husband's grandfather and my grandmother passed away within two months of each other.  We basically spent our summer at hospitals and arranging funerals.  Not to be a downer on here, because I try and keep it light, but this has been a huge part of what has been going on and has really changed me as a person, and us as a family.  Nothing rocks you as hard as when loved ones pass away.  I hope that my inconsistent blogging/tweeting/online presence hasn't come off as indifference.  Because I really do love it around here, and am so thankful for you, my readers.  But honestly, on some days it was all I could do to drag myself out of bed, keep the girls happy, then go to bed as soon as they were sound asleep again at night.  I finally feel like we are turning a corner on all this, and can gain back our sense of normalcy.  However different this new normal will be.  I would say this past Labor Day weekend was a bit of a kick-off for that for everyone involved.

Here are some instas from the weekend...

My outfit for a day of wine tasting in Healdsburg: a black and white gingham top from F21, skinny jeans from Loft and my favorite shoes of the moment from Old Navy.  Can't get enough of these suckers, they make me smile every time they are on my feet!

If you happen to find yourself in Healdsburg (and you really should make it a stop if you are ever in Sonoma/Napa counties) make sure to do a tasting at Thumbprint Cellars.  Seriously my favorite wines ever come from there.  They are a smaller winery that generally doesn't sell to retailers, so bringing back a few bottles to enjoy is always special.  I brought back two to enjoy on my birthday in a few weeks! 

Red umbrellas on the patio of Healdsburg Bar & Grill. Another must-stop.  Order the parm truffle fries, they will be the best you have ever had!

A sweet little snapshot from a dinner out with the my husband.

A shot of me and the old man hanging out in the Healdsburg town green after wine tasting.  The best thing about sticking to the town square is that there are literally dozens of tasting rooms all within walking distance.  When you are nice and boozed up, have a meal at one of the amazing restaurants, meander to the center park and sober up!  Other tasting rooms I recommend are Kendall Jackson, La Crema, Murphy Goode and Roudhouse.

An enormous macaroon from La Costeaux bakery.  This was beyond delicious! 

We never miss a late night trip to Jackson's in Santa Rosa with my brother and his girlfriend.  They have a rotating cocktail menu that always features interesting ingredients, and a food menu perfect for late night munching.  Wood-Fired pizza anyone??

A shot of more goodies from La Costeaux Bakery.  How pretty are those cakes?  My brother bought the green one for my mom's birthday.

On our last night there we stopped at a local farm stand where my brother picked out ingredients to make us home-made spaghetti sauce.  Putting his former culinary school skills to good use! (He is now a computer guy for Kendall Jackson!)

You can follow all my escapades on instagram @JackieofSPS


  1. great pictures! It's like I saw them all on Instagram, but I like them even more here in one place (does the make sense?). I hope you are getting back into the groove of blogging again because I have missed you! But I know you had a tough summer too!

  2. What a nice post. Never feel the need to apologize -- I don't know how you real bloggers do it to begin with. (Said the girl who just edited photos from her son's birthday party. In June.)

  3. Happy that you were able to get in some happy times over the holiday weekend. My husband and I have spent the last two years dealing with illness and hospitals, loved ones passing and other family trials. I know how precious those times are when you can come up for air and let some of it go. Great pics! Healdsburg is a favorite place for me too.