My Instagram Life: Birthday Weekend!

I had such am amazing 31 st birthday this year, thanks to my wonderful family and friends.  On Saturday I was able to escape for a little overnight-er with my husband to celebrate.  We took a trip to Livermore, which surprisingly has some very nice wineries and lots of great restaurants.  I know, I know, you must be thinking "Jeez girl, get a new hobby!".  I don't seem to want to do anything else but go wine tasting! It is such a fun experience though, and I truly do love discovering new wines, talking to lots of nice people and seeing the beautiful tasting rooms and vineyards.  Here is a peek into the weekend...

Harvest time to me is such a great time to visit any wine country area.  The grapes are nice and plump on the vine.  Here I am amidst some at Steven Kent winery.

This was one of my favorite tasting rooms, nestled at the end of a long dirt road at the base of some gorgeous hills.  Charles R. is a small winery, but I find that these make some of the best wines. They do it with the utmost of care and in small lots, so quality is never compromised.  

"Great memories are made with good wine and friends." Amen! A glass at McGrail Winery.   Wasn't as impressed with this one, but the panoramic views of the Livermore valley were worth the visit!

All gussied up for dinner out after a day of tasting (in my bday dress)!  We ate at Zephyr, which was so delicious and had a great atmosphere.

Inside the Wente tasting room. 

The old man and me. I may or may not have been quite tipsy in this photo. You be the judge. 

I thought this was such a cute condiment holder at the First Street Ale House.  Way to upcycle peeps!  We had the most incredible brunch buffet here, at the even more incredible price of only $11/person.  We stuffed ourselves silly!

Nothing like a wine rack full of souvenirs when you get home.  Can't wait to enjoy these.

One of my absolute favorite wineries that I did not picture here was Murrieta's Well.  Also Concannon's Underdog Wine Bar is a great spot.  Definitely check them out if you are ever in the area!


  1. Happy belated birthday! I definitely wasn't thinking "get a new hobby", I was thinking "Man I want to go to more wine tastings!" haha. Sounds like a great time!

  2. It looks like you had a fab birthday weekend! Happy Belated Girl!!! PS...LOve your IG feed too!!!!

  3. Hi Jackie!!! After reading this you will know who wrote it. Sorry I posted as anonymous. I had to comment because I know Jim McGrail the owner of MgGrail winnery. He is part owner in the building where I work and I clean his teeth. Haha. I hope you had a great Birthday weekend. I've eaten at Zephyr and The Ale House, great food. Miss you lots.

    1. Miss you too, you anonymous lurker you! ;) Thought of calling you to join us for dinner, but didn't want you to worry about a sitter. Talk to you soon!